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AlienFaucet and the family of the faucet richer web

BitcoinAliens, Blockchainstats, DailyDoge, GameofWeightLoss, are all part of AlienFaucet family: discover them all and earn.


Credits: AlienFaucet.

AlienFaucet is more of a faucet is a whole family of high-paying faucets, to which is added the possibility of obtaining thousands of satoshi by installing the app on your smartphone and answering simple questionnaires. They are part of the family: Blockchainstats, BitcoinAliens, DailyDoge, GameofWeightLoss. Now this faucet they are closed, and are part of new project DigitalArtists.

How do they work

Once only you sign up with your Facebook profile, and win every 5 minutes between 100 and 4,800 satoshi. The faucets are connected through your profile page, from which you can see how many satoshi you've accumulated for each faucets and total. Every day, through the Facebook page of BitcoinAliens, you can win 300,000 satoshi taking part in the quiz.

Methods of payment of AlienFaucet

BitcoinAliens faucets and company are directed to your Bitcoin wallet, or you can use Xapo or Coinbase. So three payment methods. Pays every Tuesday, to reach the minimum threshold of 20,000 total satoshi: you will be surprised how easy it is to reach much higher figures.

BitcoinAliens Apps

BitcoinAliens has a number of mobile apps that facilitate the task to those who are always around and in his spare time wants to accumulate Bitcoin. Alien Run, for example, is just the latest addition to, but they are well made 5 apps for Android and Apple. You can download them all or just one, the choice is yours.

Additional earnings: Incentive Wall

Incentive Wall you find it on BitcoinAliens and allows you to earn tens of thousands of satoshi by simply installing the app on your phone, responding to surveys, or subscribing to the available awards competitions. And if you make purchases online, check if the company is present in Incentive Wall, you can earn more satoshi.


4 faucet one account weekly collection, single payment on Tuesday. Sign up once and you are using: BitcoinAliens, Blockchainstats, DailyDoge, GameofWeightLoss. One other faucet available here.

Closes Bitcoin faucet BlockchainStats, become DigitalArtists


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