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Exenium ITO. What is, and how ITO XNT works

The guide you were looking for to understand what Exenium ITO is and how it works the exchange that operates through Telegram and WhatsApp with the XNT token.


Credits: Exenium.io.

With Exenium stock exchange totally changes how to approach and use an exchange platform. Until now we have used the platforms made available by websites such as CEX.io or Coinbase, and others. But with the Exenium ITO proposal (ITO stands for Initial Token offerings), the exchange is incorporated as Exenium_bot within the most famous instant messengers such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

Yes just like that, the exchange directly into Telegram and WhatsApp. A real revolution that reduces the risks related to the use of websites often under DDOS attack and victims of hackers who, the latter, have shown to be able to steal even in the most noble exchanges.

How Exenium Stock Exchange works

Exenium stock exchange doesn't have a platform like the other exchanges you used to date. Basically it is a bot that communicates with you through an instant messaging service like Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

You get in touch with him as if you were communicating with any other person on WhatsApp. Only in this case Exenium_bot will help you to do exchange operations with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ethereum, waves and many others that will be implemented at the end of the ITO.

Exenium on Telegram

To understand more quickly how Exenium works, I invite you to look at the image below. It depicts the bot exenium on Telegram, the first activated at the time.

As you can see there are 4 functions enabled: Wallet, Support, Trade, Exenium ICO.

- In communication with Exenium_bot on Telegram. -

If you click on Exenium ICO, you can immediately buy the token XNT using ethereum at your disposal or visit the official website. But keep following me to explain how to buy the XNT token in just a few steps.

- How to buy the token on Telegram. -

How to participate in the ITO Exenium by purchasing the XNT token

Joining the Exenium ITO is simple, you must use your telegram account as you saw above. Sign up for the Exenium_bot chatroom and follow the instructions.

If you are not familiar with Telegram, do not worry, follow me and I explain you how to buy the XNT token in just a few steps.


To buy the Exenium ITO token access Telegram from here and you will see the page as shown in the image below (by accessing the web). Click 'Open in Web'.



Click on 'Start' as I show you in the screenshot below. Then choose the language between ENG (English) and RUS (Russian). At this point @Exenium_bot has recognized you and already gave 1 XNT as a tribute to have contacted him (worth 37 euros). Let's go to the next step.



Click on the gray 'Exenium ICO' button as I described above in this guide dedicated to the Exenium ITO. The Exenium bot now shows you as the first 'Buy Tokens' option, click on it. The bot tells you that 1 XNT is sold for 0.05 ETH. Click on 'ETH'.


The system generates an ethereum address to which you will have to send the amount of ethereum that you plan to invest. It takes a few seconds to generate the address you are waiting for. The minimum investable is 0.01 ETH, equivalent to 0.2 XNT.


If you do not have ethereum, buy it on cex.io.

The bonus provided if you buy the XNT token

Now let's see what is the bonus provided for you if you buy the XNT token.

  • From 14 to 20 february 2018: 75% bonus.
  • From 21 to 23 february: 50% bonus.
  • From 24 february to 2 march: 35% bonus.
  • From 3 march to 11 march: 30% bonus.
  • From 12 march to 18 march: 25% bonus.
  • From 19 march to 25 march: 20% bonus.

Exenium ITO explained through a video

Start the second part of this review on Exenium ITO showing a video that will help you better understand how the Exenium exchange will work.

How XNT tokens will be distributed after the ITO Exenium.

You'll probably want to know how the XNT tokens will be distributed after the ITO Exenium and how they will be used by the developers.

20% will go to the development and support of Exenium. 10% will be conserved as liquidity, a further 30% will be used to manage the legal and regulatory services to which the exchanges are subjected to the laws. And 40% will be used for marketing operations.


The Exenium ITO roadmap

Here is the Exenium ITO roadmap.

March 2018. Distribution of XNT tokens. The token is added to the exchanges.

April 2018. Addition of new trading pairs to the exchange; implementation of the payment system that will allow direct deposit and withdrawal of fiat coins such as the euro and the US dollar and the ruble.

May 2018. Development of simple APIs.

June 2018. Development of advanced APIs to connect POS terminals and robots. development of advanced trading instruments (margin trading, shorting, auto-sell and stop-loss).

July 2018. Development of a deposit card associated with a personal IBAN. Exenium bot is integrated into Facebook Messenger, Discord and WhatsApp.

The Exenium team

But who is behind Exenium? Here are some members of the team including Alexander Korzhanov, Marketing Director and Global Marketing Lead and ICO development expert, who I personally know have collaborated on other important projects related to blockchain technology.

Mike Zevakin is the CEO of Exenium, and is a Cryptocurrency Evangelist and a Blockchain Strategist.

Andrey Sundukov is the Tech Lead and deals with the development of Exenium.

Igor Podzigun is the Business Development Advisor, a Cryptocurrency Evangelist since 2014 and a blockchain expert.

In conclusion

You know what Exenium ITO is and how the new exchange works and how you can buy the XNT token directly from Telegram by following the simple instructions provided by Exenium_bot. I remind you the ITO website: https://exenium.io. And follow the project through social networks that are listed on the website.


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