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Dash coin faucet rotator. On ePay, Dashcoin free

Thanks to Dash coin faucet rotator of ePay, you have the opportunity to earn free Dashcoin of nearly 50 faucets. Find out how.


Credits: pixabay.com

The Dashcoin surprising increasingly into the world of cryptocurrency. The digital currency has exceeded the Zcash and now has become the second currency in terms of value (1 DASH = 46 USD). Where then find the DASH free money? Obviously in a Dashcoin faucet rotator! Compared to a simple faucet, the faucet rotator allows to earn more and manage it all on a single platform: as a great and unique faucet. Among the more we find ePay faucet rotator, with a large number of active Dashcoin faucet.

ePay Dashcoin faucet rotator

ePay is a multi faucet rotator, in the sense that supports many faucets of more coins. This allows you to manage in a single platform, the amounts collected with 8 digital coins: Dashcoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, litecoin, Monero, Peercoin, Primecoin, Ethereum.

By joining ePay you have the opportunity to collect free sums of many digital currencies, including Dashcoin. The Dashcoin active faucet are 46, all pay automatically on ePay, where you have to add a DASH address generated by Dash coin personal portfolio.

Register on ePay and earn Dashcoin

Sign up ePay with an email address, do not need any other information. At the end of the registration procedure enters the ePay staff. The first page that you have before you is the Dashboard of ePay, with all supported currencies. Click on the green button at the Dash coin: "Add Address". You are now in the Wallet Address page. Scroll down and at the Dashcoin, click on "Add Dashcoin Payment Address". Opens a small window, enter your Dashcoin address validation.

- Add Dashcoin address -

the registration process you are done and now you can use the Dashcoin faucet rotator ePay to accumulate the digital cash.

How to get 1% on Dashcoin

To get something more from Dashcoin in your possession, you may think to deposit them on gate.io exchange platform. The Gate.io website, among other opportunities, encourages owners of Dashcoin to deposit them on the platform, by adding 1% to amounts of immediate Dashcoin filed.

If for example deposits 0.00090000 Dashcoin, get:

  • 0.00090000DASH + 1% = 0.00090900DASH

This is just one example. Obviously the more Dash coin you have, the greater the gain on the deposit. The 1% is always valid on all deposits made.

The deposit is interest-bearing. In the sense that daily mature a minimum percentage of additional Dashcoin.


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