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Gate.io exchange reviews and opinions: it's reliable?

The Gate.io review you were looking for. Is the crypto exchange reliable? Are you looking for the promo code? This here lasts 12 months! Start reading me.


Credits: Gate.io.

You've heard about Gate.io on the web and are looking for a good review and maybe even the promo code with 10% discount for 12 months. We get to everything do not worry. You only need a couple of minutes of your time to learn some useful things about the company Gate Technology Inc.

Let's begin.

Gate.io fees

I would like to start from gate.io fees, because you will understand it in the next paragraph, to tell you that on the cryptocurrency exchange the commissions are in line with the other platforms: 0.2%. Or even lower.

Gate.io Promo Code

In case you wonder if Gate.io has a promo code, the answer is yes. More than a promo code is a 10% commission discount for 12 months if you sign up through the welcome link to the official website www.gate.io. But remember that the gate.io promo code is only valid if you register from the link above, if you do otherwise you will lose the opportunity to get the annual commission discount.

What 10% discount on commissions means for 12 months. As you have read above the commissions are 0.2%, to which you have to remove 10%. Therefore 0.2 - 10% = 0.18% of commissions for 12 months. I have not found another platform to charge less.

How to register on Gate.io

Good. So let's see how to register on gate.io in this very fast step by step guide. I remind you that you will not need to provide personal information to the exchange of digital coins and this will greatly simplify your registration. In addition to protecting your privacy on the web as much as possible.

  • Visit the website from here www.gate.io. (Remember 10% discount for 12 months).
  • Click on the top right of 'Sign up' or alternatively download the app using the QR-Code that appears by hovering over the text 'Mobile App'.

- Home page gate.io. -

  • Fill in the required fields with username, email address, password. Add also the 'Fund password' that will be crucial when you want to trade and withdraw funds: it's a second security password.
  • Click on 'Create Account' and the registration process is already completed. Confirm the email you receive and then enter in gate.io to deposit and trade with your favorite cryptocurrencies.

- Enter the few required data. -

One last recommendation, activate the second authentication factor to maximize the security of your account. You can use Google Authenticator or alternatively receive a text message on your smartphone. And now let's see how the platform is used.

How to trade on gate.io

Entered in gate.io, at the top left you have the text menu to move between the various sections of the site.


Markets lists all available markets: BTC, ETH, USDT, QTUM. For each market you have dozens of trading pairs available. For example for the BTC market: BTC/ETC; BTC/DASH, BTC/EOS. Or for the USDT market: USDT/GOD, USDT/MANA, USDT/ZSC and so on.

- Menu of the exchange markets. -


By clicking Wallets, log in to your personal account. All cryptocurrencies supported by the crypto exchange are listed. Selecting 'Hide zero balances' will show you only the cryptocurrencies for which you have deposited funds.

Let's see how to make a deposit on gate.io.

How to deposit on Gate.io

You want to deposit bitcoins. In the wallet area, locate the bitcoin and click on 'Deposit'. The first time you log in to the deposit page, the system will tell you that it is generating the bitcoin address. Refresh the page after a few seconds and you'll see the BTC address to be used to make fund deposits. This procedure applies to any supported cryptocurrency.

As you can see there is also the QR-Code of the address, use the one if you are more comfortable.

- How do I deposit on gate.io. -

At the end of the deposit the sum will result in the wallet area. Now you are ready to trade on Gate with bitcoin and other cryptomete.

How to trade on the Crypto Exchange Gate.io

Here we are, now you are ready to trade on the crypto exchange gate.io.

You have deposited bitcoins and now you would like to buy bitcoins cash. Go to the menu, choose Markets / BTC Markets / BCH.

- Gate io trading page. -

As you can see above you have the price chart in the middle, and under the boxes to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The graphics are identical for all pairs of coins.

To buy bitcoin cash, in the field on the left you set the purchase price and write down how much cash bitcoin you are willing to buy. The last field will automatically populate. Now click on 'Buy' and wait for the market to place the order.

Same procedure if you want to sell bitcoin cash to collect revenues.

I would like to point out that gate.io does not leverage. This is good for those with early experiences or just want to speculate by buying and selling cryptocurrencies at retail (it risks less). The minimum order is always 10 USD of counter value.

Before making purchases or sales, always be aware of how the market is going: you will avoid unpleasant surprises. ;-)

Gate.io requires KYC authentication?

The beauty of this exchange is that it does not require KYC authentication. So you can very well sign up without having to provide too much personal information. They do not want to know much about you, other than the email address. Isn't great?

Of course, this does not enable people to make money laundering is obvious! Because international laws prohibit it. But the legal system in which the crypto exchange gate.io operates does not require him to ask for an identity card to his clients.

Gate.io has its registered office in the Cayman Islands.

What does it say about Gate.io Coinmarketcap: the data

Of gate.io Coinmarketcap can provide us some interesting statistical data that can guide us on which cryptocurrencies should trade. We read this data then.

Gate.io moves 48.2 million US dollars each day, equivalent to 4,709 bitcoins. The crypto exchange gate.io has 248 pairs of cryptomonete in the list, offering a wide range of trading opportunities with cryptocurrencies.

The most eventful pair is ETH / USDT with 7.2 million dollars; BTC / USDT follows with almost US $ 6 million in countervalue.

Among the altcoin stands out Arcblock in the pairs ABT / USDT and ABT / ETH. Together they make almost $ 7.5 million of daily movement on the exchange gate.io. Followed by EOS, litecoin, dogecoin, ethereum classic, gems, KickCoin.

Gate.io reviews available in the web

What you are reading is already a review of gate.io, but if you are looking for more opinions on Gate.io I suggest you visit the industry forums where you can find the opinions left by customers of the site of exchanges of cryptocurrencies.

Below I propose you some places on the web where we talk about Gate.io. And if you want more information write them in the comments at the bottom of the review.

Gate.io opinions

Many opinions on gate.io you can read in the comments left on the specialized forums by users who have already tried the platform. For example go to see the topic dedicated to gate.io on Bitcointalk in English.

But where you can read the best reviews on gate.io is on Telegram. Below are all the contacts of the crypto exchange on social networks and instant messaging apps.

Gate.io on Telegram and other social networks

Let's see how to reach gate.io through social networks to get to know the news and keep in direct contact with the crypto exchange company.

  • Chatroom of gate.io on Telegram: @gateio.
  • Account gate.io on Twitter: @gate_io.
  • Subreddit of gate.io on Reddit: none.
  • Repository GitHub gate.io: https://github.com/gateio. Here they have the Rest API.

Gate.io Bitcoin God

The Bitcoin God cryptocurrency is on gate.io because there is a strong link between the founder of the altcoin and the crypto exchange. And those who deposited BTC before the fork, could benefit from as many Bitcoin God for free.

Gate.io and Bter

Yes Gate.io replaced Bter. It can be said that Gate.io and Bter are the same thing. Bter, like all Chinese exchanges, had to close its headquarters in China. And he reopened the exchange abroad with a new name. For customers there was no problem, because the two platforms were connected and those who had the funds on Bter could transfer them to gate.io without paying commissions.

Gate.io customer service

If you need the gate.io customer service, go to Telegram and talk to them in the dedicated chatroom: @gateio.

Alternatively, contact them by email: [email protected].

In conclusion

You have just read the review dedicated to the crypto exchange gate.io. To try the platform sign up for free and take advantage of the discount on commissions as I remembered earlier. I wish you good crypto trading.


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