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AirDrips Bitcoin Cash Faucet: how it works and reviews

Looking for Bitcoin Cash faucets? Have you ever tried the AirDrips faucet? Give away many satoshi BCH, try it to check.


Credits: Airdrips.

AirDrips is a faucet of Bitcoin Cash. He replaced Digital Artists Bitcoin Faucet. In recent times it has become famous thanks to the generous amounts of BCH that it gives. In this review of AirDrips I will explain how to register and how it works. We leave immediately.

To register, visit the official website www.airdrips.com. Registration is very simple: with Facebook account. Good collection!

AirDrips how it works

AirDrips gives Bitcoin Cash by visiting its chain of associated websites. They are clearly visible in the dashboard in the middle of the page as shown in the photo below. Each website releases quantities of BCH variables and indicated in the 'Max Payout' column.

The waiting times between one release and the next vary from 5 to 10 minutes.

- List of sites associated with AirDrips. -

The gains on AirDrips are therefore variable but interesting. The choice of bitcoin cash and not of bitcoin faucet was dictated by the possibility of being able to earn more given the lower value of BCH and to benefit from commission costs on much lower withdrawals.

The features of the AirDrips faucet

The picture below summarizes the functionality of the AirDrips faucet.

- The functions of AirDrips. -

  • The Wall. It offers numerous opportunities to add more BCH satoshi to your account. Complete the suggested activities to earn 140 thousand satoshi bitcoin cash per activity.
  • Transactions. Show the latest withdrawal transactions requested by you.
  • Dashboard. It takes you back to the main page of your AirDrips faucet Bitcoin Cash account.
  • Cashout. To request payment of the accumulated BCHs.
  • Mining. To do bitcoin cash mining with AirDrips via browser.

How to withdraw from AirDrips

AirDrips faucet pays every week on a Coinbase account. If you are not registered on Coinbase, do so from this link and you will also receive a welcome bonus of 8 euros with a minimum exchange of 98 euros.

AirDrips has chosen to pay via Coinbase account so that you do not pay commissions on moving BCH satoshi. An excellent advantage that allows you to maximize your profits. When you consider it appropriate you can exchange BCH with euro directly from Coinbase and then pass them on your current account or credit / debit card.

To request payment click on 'Cashout' from the menu on the left or from the dashboard. A small box at the center of the page invites you to solve the reCAPTCHA. At the end you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Open the email and validate the withdrawal.

As explained before, one can only take one sample a week and is generally processed within 1 or 2 weeks.

AirDrips Pay or is it SCAM?

AirDrips is a faucet of paying Bitcoin Cash. The words are at zero if not supported by the evidence and then I show you the last payments you made to me. See the image below.

- AirDrips transactions in BCH. -

The photo above shows the payments made in bitcoin cash from September 2017. A guarantee that the BCH AirDrips faucet pays.


We have come to the end of the review of AirDrips faucet by bitcoin cash. The guide explained how to register on www.airdrips.com. I wish you to make great profits.

If you are looking for more BCHs, here I present 95 Bitcoin Cash faucet in one, to earn BCH more quickly.


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