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Freebitco in, Bitcoin faucet. How to register

The characteristics of Freebitco in the Bitcoin faucet with the weekly lottery. Learn how to sign up in the article and how much pay.


Credits: Freebitcoin.

Freebitco in, or the freebitco.in website is a Bitcoin Faucet among the most famous in the world. Much appreciated among the 'hunters faucet BTC' because it regularly pays every week. Freebitco in works on an hourly basis and releases a variable amount of satoshi based on various factors. It recently added a new service, the interest-bearing deposit of Bitcoin 4.08% per annum. To sign up here; below the main features and how the free faucet with the weekly lottery.

How to register for Freebitcoin

Visit the website www.freebitco.in. To the right of the home page, see the form to be completed to register for Freebitcoin. The same as the image below.

As you know, you do not need personal data other than a valid e-mail address. Provide a valid email because you will need it in case you want to make important changes to the account and if you lose the password to access the site. The recording lasts 20 seconds and you are immediately ready to earn free bitcoins on Freebitco in.

Freebitco in the characteristics

Freebitco in offers more of a chance to earn free Bitcoin, not only 'Roll' every hour but also playing with Multiply BTC or by participating in the weekly lottery. Let's see the features in detail.

Free BTC

With Free BTC every hour receive a quantity of satoshi Bitcoin that varies, depending on the price of the BTC in the currency market, according to the lucky number. The numbers range from 0 to 10000. The higher the number, the greater the payout. This table of lucky numbers:

  • 0 - 9885
  • 9886 - 9985
  • 9986 - 9993
  • 9994 - 9997
  • 9998 - 9999
  • 10000

When you click on 'Roll' you are entitled to 2 lottery tickets and 2 reward points. Over the weekend a promotion that is activated It entitles you to 4 reward points.

Multiply BTC

Multiply BTC is a game where you bet available satoshi and try your luck, winning a sum equal to twice of that bet or more. The odds of winning are 47.8% per bet. If you were to exit the 8888 number, you win the jackpot. For every 3000 satoshi bet, get 1 ticket and 1 reward point.


The lottery is a weekly, extraction takes place on Sunday. 10 prizes, all in Bitcoin. The first prize exceeds almost always 2BTC and the last 400 thousand satoshi. The prize pools vary from week to week.

Earn BTC

Earn BTC is the recent addition of new opportunities. It is an interest-bearing deposit which makes 4.08% per annum: an investment in Bitcoin with guaranteed capital. Just leave the satoshi won on Freebitco in, to set aside the interests. Will begin to accrue interest at satoshi exceeded 30 thousand.

Reward points

The reward points can be used to buy lottery tickets, increase up to 1000% bonus on Free BTC. You can cash it reached 100 thousand points of turning them into BTC. Still, you can turn them into vouchers and electronic products.

Freebitco in how you take and when

Freebitco in pay automatically every Sunday at achieving 30 thousand satoshi. Below this figure it does not receive the sum. Alternatively, you can perform manual picking, always to reach the minimum threshold. In the Profile you have to set a Bitcoin address for the taking: the system requires email validation.

Account security on Freebitcoin

The security levels of your Freebitcoin account are as follows:

  • The freebitcoin website uses the SSL protocol: https at the beginning of the website name.
  • To access the account a second authentication password can be activated to increase the security level.

The second authentication factor is linked to a verification code sent via mobile phone, if you decide to provide the mobile number or using Google Authenticator.

Good luck on Freebitcoin!


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