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Closes Bitcoin faucet BlockchainStats, it becomes DigitalArtists

The faucet of BlockchainStats will migrate on DigitalArtists platform

After Ceto Beto, it closes another great Bitcoin faucet. BlockchainStats migrates into the new project DigitalArtists.


Credits: DigitalArtists.

One of the most generous Bitcoin faucet web, BlockchainStats, finally closes. The faucet belongs to Bitcoin Aliens family, four web sites linked together who give every week hundreds of thousands of satoshi for each registered user.

While BitcoinAliens, DailyDoge and GameofWeightLoss, remain open, BlockchainStats closes the 'faucet' to join DigitalArtists. Do not close its web site, which will continue to host the statistical data on the currency market of crypto currencies.

What is DigitalArtists

DigitalArtists is a new platform created by the author of Bitcoin Aliens. He aspires to be a collector of satoshi Bitcoin, from other websites who decide to adopt the DigitalArtists system. A platform that is not a faucet rotator ePay as it can be, but more a platform that pays for viewing content on other websites.

At the moment the platform is in Beta version. Payments are made through a Coinbase account. Soon it will be activated direct payment to Bitcoin wallet staff. The site is DigitalArtists.

Subscribe to other Bitcoin faucet Aliens

If you want to join the other three faucets of Bitcoin Aliens family, Just follow the link given below. They pay every week thousands of satoshi.


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