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Ether mining. Genesis Mining Contract ethash available!

Reopens the Ether mining, the return of Genesis Mining Contract ethash available. Pricelist to undermine Ethereum with discount code.


Credits: genesis-mining.com

Ether mining. Many were waiting for ethash contract now find them available on Genesis Mining. The cloud mining company installed new resources to undermine Ethereum and in these hours are literally flying off the shelves. To take advantage of the new availability of hashrate Ethereum, www.genesis-mining.com visited the site and choose the amount of ethash contract that you plan to buy. Remember to use the discount code 6BEuQe to take advantage of the reduction of 3%. The discount is still valid, even for subsequent purchases. Download from here the reminder.

Ether mining available on Genesis Mining

Here is the price list of Ethash resources to undermine Ethereum. Three established cuts, alternatively choose freely how much to invest after accessing the web site. It starts from 1MH/s, the contracts have a duration of 2 years and no commissions: pay just to buy the contract.

Pricelist Ethereum mining Genesis Mining

Contract typeSizePrice
Small1MH/s29.99 USD
Medium30MH/s869 USD
Large100MH/s2799 USD

Genesis Mining is Litecoin and Dashcoin

Genesis Mining offers Litecoin and Dashcoin contracts. You have the opportunity to combine various hashpower resources to undermine the most crypto currencies simultaneously. Creating a mix between Ethereum, Litecoin and Dashcoin you can better balance the investment. Dashcoin year to date is literally flew to unimagined levels, coming to lick share 0.05BTC. And his race seems not to want to stop.


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