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The video showing how to build a mining farm of cryptocurrency

How do you build a mining farm of cryptocurrency? In a video, the images of one of the world's largest data mining centers.


Credits: Genesis Mining.

How do you build a mining farm of cryptocurrency? Many have one in the house as a small ASIC mining or mining rig of 6 and 8 GPUs. Philip Salter, head of operations in Genesis Mining, shows in a 4 minute video how and what are the difficulties in building a large-scale digital coin mining farm.

A cryptocurrency mining farm is born in inhospitable places

Mining farms are created in cold places and at the same time accessible to man, where electricity is derived from renewable sources: mainly hydroelectric and geothermal as in the case of Genesis Mining plants. It works under constant cold conditions, even in the summer. And above all, with noisy headphones!

Genesis Mining has 1 million users

Genesis Mining has 1 million users to whom it pays daily as much as mine. And what the company announces in the recent update post about service status and future news.

130,000 requests for help in a month

In September alone, the company received 130,000 tickets. Major issues include unsuccessful payments or support for new contracts. Despite the workload, customer support has reduced demand pending to 30,000.

Some payments may not be successful, but the company ensures that nothing is lost.

New hashpower bitcoin on date to come

Always from the press release, it is learned that bitcoin contracts will be launched shortly before pre-order. As for new availability of resources, a date has not been established and within a few weeks more will be known.

Zcash, ethereum and monero available

Zcash, ethereum and monero contracts are available. Zcash is a return to almost a year since the launch of internet money.

Code 6BEuQe entitles you to a 3% discount on any type of contract, so you can take home a wagon with digital coins.


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