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Free Dashcoin with Minergate using your PC

How to get free Dashcoin

How to get free Dashcoin, using the CPU and GPU of your PC or notebook, on the mining pool Minergate

Bitcoin difficulty + 16%: undermining and earn it became impossible. What alternatives?

Mining Bitcoin bad investment

After recently was added to the difficulty, the Bitcoin difficulty has risen by 16%. Drastically reduced the earnings of miners. Here are the alternatives.

Where to download the wallet Zcash? Here are the best

Best Wallet Zcash

Where can I download the wallet Zcash? What is the best? Article discover all the possible solutions, for geeks and users.

The Mining Pool BW.com reset commissions for miners

BW reset commission to miners

BW becomes a mining pool zero commissions. Reset the PPS rate as of 24 December 2016. Find out how miners can join.

Hashpower X11 underselling, available on Genesis Mining

X11 and Zcash promotion

It's the right time to undermine DASH coin, Genesis Mining launches underselling of hashpower X11. Plus there's the promo code.

Soon Zcash Sprout 1.0.1. Z.cash victim of a DDoS attack

Zooko Wilcox publishes the latest news in a post and announced the resolution of bug 1705
Zcash distribution

New version of Zcash Sprout 1.0.1 client to fix the bug 1705. The Zcash network works and a huge power is working to undermine.

Zcash Company warns against scams on Zcash currency

Zcash coin scams

Possible scams on Zcash anonymous currency. The founders of the Company Zcash warn users.

Modifications to the security and vulnerability of Zcash: final report

Zcash Vulnerability

After a year of work and verification code, they are available in the network security team reports that they have been working on Zcash.

All set for the launch of anonymous currency Zcash

Zcash starting

Anonymous currency Zcash is ready for the official launch, scheduled for October 28 morning, according to the hour of the Pacific Ocean.


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