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Zcash Company warns against scams on Zcash currency

Possible scams on Zcash anonymous currency. The founders of the Company Zcash warn users.


Credits: pixabay.com

In its press release of October 29, the Zcash Company, informing users about the wallet and third-party websites where you can exchange the Zcash, they warned against scams. The team gets an express request to beware the deceptions, because already there were the web. These are the words:

"A word of caution: there have already been multiple scams and fraudulent projects, so we suggest researching any third-party application well before using."

And in fact 'smell a rat' on the web is felt. Without wishing to be classified as fraudulent any project, it will be good to check with certainty the authenticity of the companies offering services and products related to new cryptocurrency Zcash.

A concrete example

A concrete example of 'smell a rat' is given by this website: http://zcash-cloud.com. The site is very unprofessional in setting up being a mining company that wants to sell cloud platform Zcash hashpower.

The prices seem attractive, actually prove to be high when you read that the contracts are to 6 months. For example 50H/s cost 1499 US dollars every 6 months and 2998 US dollars per year. Compared to the prices of Genesis Mining, we see that the latter offers 60H/s to 2600 US dollars for 12 months.

The FAQ page is poorly written and full of approximations. Disconcerting when the question "why the contracts are only six months", they say: "we do not know what will happen in the future with Zcash"... There is not much more to add, except that the site does not even have an area reserved to which register; Everything will be sent by email to the customer that will buy one of their contracts: good luck.

Where you can hide other scams?

The fake wallet Zcash can be one of the scams. The official wallet is on z.cash and is intended for operating systems Debian and Ubuntu; Team for now has no plans to develop others. Those alternatives are suggested in the press in English: these are mainly multi wallet, probably still want to upgrade to Zcash. I downloaded Jaxx v1.1.5 and did not find any trace of Zcash wallet inside.

Fake exchange sites may propose the change of ZEC against BTC. Rest assured that the site has a positive reputation before you use it. Among the most recognized and reliable in the panorama point out, bitfinex.com and poloniex.com.

Do you want undermine Zcash and not know who to trust you?

Those who are determined to undermine Zcash and would like to rely on a trusted mining cloud service, advice www.genesis-mining.com. One of the few companies that has proven reliable in this area. Genesis Mining has Zcash hashpower resources purchased in preorder; also it has already made its first payment of Zcash to customers, as you can read in this article.

If you choose to rely on Genesis Mining, do not forget to use the 6BEuQe coupon code to get maximum discount possible.


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