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Zcash. Genesis Mining great success in the mining farm

All the Zcash Hashpower Genesis Mining is connected to the network and is undermining the anonymous currency

A new era begins for crypto coins and Genesis Mining is part of it. The hashpower resources are related to Zcash network.


Credits: genesis-mining.com

Zcash was born. The throwing coins was successful enough to make crazy the market 1ZEC worth some BTC: amazing. Success at home Genesis Mining where all the hardware installed to undermine Zcash is connected to the network and is working as hoped. He reports a statement issued by the team overnight.

In the same press Genesis Mining informs customers that the work is not finished, it is now necessary to level small imperfections of a newborn system. Make sure that any problems do not interrupt the process if not for a short time.

Zcash slow part

As widely documented on the official website of the coin, Zcash slow part for the first 34 days. This period, which will undermine little was expected from the Company Zcash team to discourage large farm mining, to the advantage of all and repay investors. The network will be fully phased from 20,000 block. Below carry a table made from Genesis Mining regarding the provision of Zcash available in the network in the first 10 days.

- Zcash available in the first 10 days: estimates. -

Zcash Hashpower sold out

The Zcash Hashpower resources are over. Genesis Mining has sold all of the installed GPU to undermine the Equihash algorithm. Who has not had time to buy Zcash, you can always use the discount code 3%, 6BEuQe, to buy X11 contracts lasting for two years. Or undermine Bitcoin with lifetime contracts.

Service information for customers

Customers who bought Genesis Mining Zcash Hashpower, will receive the first payment between 29 and 30 October. To receive Zcash mined in the personal portfolio, must provide an address "t-addr" (transparent Zcash address) not "z-addr" (zero-knowledge addresses). More information will be released to customers with subsequent releases.


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