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Genesis Mining announces availability of new Zcash Hashpower

1 Zcash worth 1.4Bitcoin. Meanwhile Genesis Mining has made the first payment of Zcash

Limited edition of Zcash Hashpower for the high demand. Genesis Mining announces new pre-order and pay the first Zcash.


Credits: www.genesis-mining.com

While the value of 1 Zcash remains above the Bitcoin (about 1.4BTC. Source poloniex.com) and the same BTC strengthens (about 700 US dollars), Genesis Mining announces availability of new Zcash Hashpower. The request to undermine the anonymous currency is such as to have pushed the team of cloud mining to launch a pre-order of resources that will be operational from December 1.

The Genesis Mining team precise that it is a really limited availability and for this launch pre-order. It is a one-year contract which will start from December 1, 2016, to allow time to Zcash to enter up to speed and allow technicians to install the new GPU.

Genesis Mining launches its first payment of Zcash

Genesis Mining, in an official statement, has informed customers that the first payment of Zcash has already been credited in the personal wallet. It is a payment that includes the first 22 hours. Also in the press we learn that everything is 'smoothly', no interruption occurred and the whole amount of Zcash that could undermine was 'extracted'.

In Depth

Order Zcash Hashpower on Genesis Mining

On the website www.genesis-mining.com you can make a pre-order for resources to undermine Zcash. The resources will be available from 1 December 2016. It is in preorder limited resources and are unlikely to be available for purchase after December 1. Zcash Hashpower to buy, at a discount of 3%, you can use the promo code 6BEuQe. The code can be used for most purchases and any combination. Example: Zcash + X11 + SHA256.

Difference between z-addr and t-addr

The addresses used by Zcash are of two types. Unlike all other crypto currencies, Zcash uses z-addr addresses completely anonymous and 'invisible' at all. The t-addr addresses, its equivalent  the Bitcoin addresses and other crypto currencies, visible from all over blockchain of Zcash.

Where trading with Zcash

Who has not Zcash and still want to take advantage of its high current value (1ZEC = 1.4BTC), you can buy and sell the anonymous currency on www.gate.io. Traders are already working, because it is said that Zcash maintain this high value for a long time. We must take advantage of fluctuations now.


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