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Modifications to the security and vulnerability of Zcash: final report

After a year of work and verification code, they are available in the network security team reports that they have been working on Zcash.


Credits: pixabay.com

The last post on the blog z.cash case of safety testing and vulnerability addressed in the course of 2016. The post is published directly by the founder Nathan Wilcox and Maureen Walsh. The post announces the work done by two teams of experts in safety communications peer to peer and the cryptographic system for leaks. Teams are NCC Group and Coinspect.

Stress tests on safety Zcash

The working groups were commissioned by Zcash Company to improve stability for the benefit of users. In particular, the team worked on privacy, the loss of funds and the consensus breaks. The group work started in August and September had issued at Zcash Company, their considerations and test results.

Tests have revealed vulnerabilities that were corrected by Zcash Company. Previously, in April 2016, the development of crypto currency team had detected and corrected vulnerabilities in code. Security checks are commissioned public, in a perspective of transparency towards the international community. One approach, that of transparency, wanted by the founders so that all may know the state of development of the Zcash code, based on the Bitcoin Core version 0.11.2.

Zcash is ready to be born

When in Europe will be the evening, it will be born the new Zcash anonymous currency. The launch is scheduled for the morning of October 28 according to the time zone PDT (Pacific Daylight Time zone).

The launch can be followed by the Twitter profile of the Zcash Company and from this page. Just below we report the Zcash Company's Twitter timeline profile.

How I can get Zcash

At the moment the only way to get Zcash is undermining the currency with its own hardware (CPU, GPU, ASIC), with many difficulties. Only Linux systems are now supported. The alternative, cheaper and easier for everyone, is to rely on the mining cloud Genesis Mining. The company is the only one in the world to be ready to undermine Zcash right now.

Those who register and requires Hashpower Zcash by 28 October, will get a 12-month contract + 1 free, and a 3% discount using the following promotional code: 6BEuQe.

For those who want to deepen Zcash

If you are looking in-depth information about Zcash and in particular about the work on vulnerability conducted by the development team, please visit this post in English and follow the links contained therein.


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