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All set for the launch of anonymous currency Zcash

Anonymous currency Zcash is ready for the official launch, scheduled for October 28 morning, according to the hour of the Pacific Ocean.


Credits: pixabay.com

We're almost there, Zcash is ready on the starting line. Just the latest pieces of code to implement to reduce risks and prevent problems during the official launch, scheduled for the morning of October 28, 2016 according to the Pacific time (PDT).

With a post on the z.cash blog, October 27, the team has released information about the latest changes occurred. Two releases made available to a few hours away from each other: 1.0.0-rc3 released; 1.0.0-rc4 just closed few hours ago. The first has served to fix some bugs and update any dependencies on external applications, such as upgrading to the 6.2.23 version of Berkeley DB.

The revision 1.0.0-rc4 is to prepare the imminent launch of Zcash anonymous currency. They have added some parameters to zk-SNARK and private addresses to the remuneration of the founders and investors. The team invites the community to test this version to flush out the bugs last minute.

Zcash launch delayed for a few hours

Postponed by a few hours the launch, the morning of October 28 according to the Pacific Time Zone hour, corresponding to the North American band that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

The hours of anxious waiting that separate Zcash its inception, will be used by the team to make changes only strictly necessary to remove any obstacles that could block the official launch. The code is ready to generate the genesis block.

Happy birth Zcash!

How I can get Zcash immediately

While the well-known newspaper The Economist has just written Zcash, highlighting the innovations that will bring in the world of cryptocurrency, many are preparing to stock up Zcash.

Currently two ways to get Zcash immediately: mine joining the mining pool with its own hardware; take Zcash Hashpower resources from Genesis Mining. In the first case the results are uncertain at the time, because the Equihash algorithm has introduced innovations that make it resistant to the GPU and the ASIC. It was also not just put an ad hoc software that provides adequate assurance. The second opportunity is offered by the cloud mining Genesis Mining, who by day works in a proprietary solution. Genesis has spent large amounts of resources to mine only Zcash. Those interested can buy Zcash Hashpower on the official website. By midnight will get 12 months + 1 free and 3% discount by using this code: 6BEuQe.


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