How to get many free bitcoin

Can I have free bitcoin? The answer is yes, and I'll explain how to do

You can get many free bitcoin every day, and then raise them with interest-bearing accounts and increase their value.


No one ever will give the euro or dollars, but the bitcoin yes. That's right, the most popular digital currency can also accumulate free. The possibilities are many and put together can make accumulate a hoard of bitcoin not negligible.

The free bitcoins are obtained through nice and simple games, clicking a button on a website regularly, or watching advertising content. There is also a free cloud mining.

Here we see the best and most profitable among the systems of distribution of free bitcoins, through which set aside stocks of the most popular and widespread digital money on the net.

Ceto Beto (update: now Ceto Beto it's a SCAM game faucet). New and exciting game faucet. Feed your Pokémon and many more gains satoshi per hour. The game faucet pays directly, so the coins come to your wallet via Faucetbox. It is not required to collect a minimum.

Freebitco. This site gives bitcoin every hour. Just click on the "ROLL button!" and hourly releases an amount of bitcoins. You can get up to 0.33996838BTC far (about 180 euros). In addition, every week, we participate in a lottery that assigns bitcoin the first 10. The first extract of the lottery can win more than 3BTC (worth about 1800 Euro). The site lets withdraw the money raised without difficulty.

BitcoinAliens (update: now this faucet it is in DigitalArtists platform) it's a simple faucet with a numerous family of faucets. You can claim every 5 minutes, minimum 140 satoshi.

Take Free Bitcoin (Not work very well now). Give bitcoin every 5 minutes. With bonus you can increase the chances of getting more money and reduce the time under 5 minutes. If you visit the site every day, get a growing percentage of bitcoin until reaching twice every 5 minutes. Registration is easy with Facebook and VK.

Easy Bitcoin Faucet (Not work very well now). Give bitcoin every 10 minutes and is linked to Take Free Bitcoin: the graphics are identical. You can register with your Facebook account or VK. Get bonus to decrease the time and increase the amount of currency. By visiting the site every day, get a loyalty bonus of up to 100% every 10 minutes.

How to increase the amount of bitcoins obtained free

As you can to capitalize the free bitcoin obtained? Beside the way of the trading that requires good knowledge of the matter, it is possible a more slow but sure road. It is of interest-bearing accounts. Unlike in euro interest-bearing deposits, those in bitcoin lavish highest periodic interest.

On the Bitbank platform, for example, you can get 8.6% interest per annum. No deposit account in euro comes to that. To register to the platform and deposit bitcoin obtained for free, this is the link: If you want to first find out who Bitbank, you should read the article dedicated: ' Bitbank the bank of bitcoin, guarantees interest on deposited funds'.


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