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Ceto Beto the new game free bitcoin of the Pokémon

For those nostalgic for DonaldCoin and family, here is Ceto Beto, play free bitcoin also available on tablets and smartphones

If you like to earn bitcoin faucet through the game, do not lose Ceto Beto. Pikatchu of the Pokémon will help you conquer them!


Ceto Beto is a brand new game free bitcoin born at the end of August 2016. It replaces DonaldCoin and all the host of the same family games. It looks a lot like DonaldCoin as regards the basic graphics and the collection of satoshi mechanism. And as the famous free bitcoin faucet, it allows a collection of coins very fast.

Beto class is dedicated to Pokémon and the main character Pikatchu. And it is pikatchu to help you and your character Beto, in collecting bitcoins through various paths and opportunities offered by the gaming platform. The game is designed for full compatibility with tablets and smartphones. We find out in detail how it works.

Curiosity. The creator of Pokemon named Satoshi, just as the monetary unit of bitcoin.

How does Ceto Beto

Register to play (update: Ceto Beto now it is SCAM) by entering username, password, e-mail and Bitcoin address. Comes into play and scour all the opportunities offered by the game. At the top will show you the first opportunity to conquer.

  • Daily Gift. Up to 150 satoshi gift every day.
  • Explorer. It is activated after collecting the first 3,000 satoshi. Get the ball every day and use them to increase to the generation of power.
  • Attack. Fight the dragon and get: 150 satoshi (50% probability); 1 ball (25%); 900 satoshi (25%).
  • Your Foods. Collect satoshi to get food and feed your Pokémon. When it is full, launches an attack and get 900 satoshi.

- Collecting more -

Pikatchu is initially free, click on the applet and start his work: "I'm, working...". When you have collected enough satoshi, click on the red button 'Collect' to increase your own score.

When you have collected a sufficient amount of satoshi, click on 'Withdraw (Faucetbox)'. How much have you won is sent Faucetbox.com. Discourage sent directly to your wallet: the commission is 10,000 satoshi.

There is one last collection opportunities. Click 'Campaigns' on the top menu, you can find banner ads. Click on them to get 100 satoshi for each banner or the figure shown.

That's all. Now you can start having fun and collecting bitcoins in your spare time. The site: www.cetobeto.com.


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