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CetoBeto is SCAM. Game faucet Bitcoin does not pay the users

CetoBeto is SCAM. The game faucet appears to be working but does not pay the score accumulated by users. The case of the TX deleted.


Credits: Cetobeto.com.

CetoBeto is SCAM, we can now consider it a game Bitcoin faucet not paying. The game is active and apparently functioning, actually it disappeared the button for the withdrawal. How many have tried to recover satoshi collected before the button disappeared, they still have a pending transaction on Blockchain Bitcoin does not appear to exist. CetoBeto is therefore SCAM.

- CetoBeto. Disappeared button withdrawal -

CetoBeto is SCAM. The decline of the game Bitcoin faucet

CetoBeto is 'heir' of the game Bitcoin faucet Donaldcoin family. Initially it released CetoBeto rich amount of satoshi Bitcoin, which over time have been reduced more and more. At the beginning of February 2017 it was announced the permanent closure of the game faucet because the owner could not find a new buyer.

A few days later, the resurrection. CetoBeto active and returned a statement announcing the purchase of part of a new buyer platform. Users who had previously accumulated satoshi, they found the reset score. The new management off again with very low benefits. This strategy does not seem to be enough to ramp CetoBeto.

A few days ago appeared a notice informing users of the impending closure CetoBeto. The word is gone and it is also disappeared the button withdrawal. In fact the game is up and running, but you can not pick the score. No warning in this regard was published on the platform, and users have found themselves in the position of not being able to withhold implicitly promised by the platform. A behavior that leads to the belief CetoBeto SCAM.

CetoBeto. The transaction gone

On March 2, 2017 it has been advanced by some users of the game any withdrawal requests, complete with a TX code assigned to the transaction. To date the transaction is not to be present on Blockchain, even if it had been assigned. A choice that even more connotes an incorrect behavior towards users, who have not been notified of non-payment.

This is the transaction in question: a9b51536131afa620a29fd4096f301313515c675ab10c2b5490a24b48cf6f991. The fear is that other transactions, on that day, have suffered the same fate (see image below).

- CetoBto does not pay the last withdrawal requests -

Alternative Faucet

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