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HashFlare reduces power consumption and commission to clients

Cloud Mining reduces the fees by 11% and adds a 10% discount to new contracts

Thanks to a natural cooling of the data center work, HashFlare reduces power consumption and the commission to clients.


Credits: hashflare.io

The cloud mining Hashflare, one of the most recognized in the world of cryptocurrency, announced the fall of the maintenance fees on SHA-256 hardware resources. The result was achieved after 6 months of work on their data centers to improve the cooling of electronic equipment. October 26, 2016, the fees were down 11% to 0.004USD per 10GH/s.

Good news for customers because they already have the ability to earn a 11% more and also interesting for new customers who are planning to buy GH/s SHA-256.

A discount of 10% until 6 November

Beside 11% of reduced costs, you must add the special offer www.hashflare.io. A discount of 10% on all types of resources (SHA-256, scrypt, X11, DASH), valid until November 6. Just use the discount code HF16HLLWN10 to save on the purchase of new contracts. It's like getting a 21% discount on Bitcoin you will go to undermine.

On Bitbank get another 6.6%

If you decide to deposit your Bitcoin extracts on www.bitbank.com platform, get a 6.6% interest per year. Doing the math: 11% commission less, 10% discount on the purchase of GH / s Bitcoin, 6.6% annual interest, get 27.6% of Bitcoin more.


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