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Soon Zcash Sprout 1.0.1. Z.cash victim of a DDoS attack

Zooko Wilcox publishes the latest news in a post and announced the resolution of bug 1705

New version of Zcash Sprout 1.0.1 client to fix the bug 1705. The Zcash network works and a huge power is working to undermine.


Credits: pixabay.com/z.cash

Everything continues for the best for Zcash, the new anonymous currency that you can perhaps consider the direct competitor of the Bitcoin if not the heir. One Zcash is worth 2 Bitcoin at this time (source: poloniex.com) and seems stable value. Then you will see in a month, when the network will be fully operational, if the price remains this or not.

Zooko Wilcox, cryptographer and Zcash Company founder, informs users that in internet someone put up a Zchain. At the site you can see the transactions made with the t-addr type addresses, ie those it clear, which differ from those of z-addr type intended for private transactions and not visible on blockchain. Not a full service, you only see the number of transactions and the total address, at least for now. The site, https://explorer.zcha.in.

The new version of Zcash Sprout 1.0.1

It is under development and will be released shortly, the first update to Zcash Sprout 1.0.1 client. The update will fix the bug 1705 in particular, found on the z-addr address that does not allow users to undermine anonymity, forcing them to use the t-addr address. Meanwhile Wilcox advises miners to add string blockminsize=300000 the file zcash.conf and restart the miner.

DDoS attack to the site z.cash

On October 30 the z.cash site was the victim of a DDoS attack. The Team has adopted countermeasures to dismiss it and the site remained offline for some time.

The state of ZEC production and forecasts to 6 months

The network currently produces about 1.2 ZEC every 2.5 minutes and there are about 2,000 ZEC in circulation. To the block 20,000, after about 34 days from the beginning, it will reach the full capacity of 12.5 ZEC per block. This is the stage called Mining Slow Start, intended to prevent the abnormal flow of 'big miners' net. Influx that has been and still remains solid, the mining power was far greater than that provided for Zcash Team, so as to have created the first 500 blocks in a shorter time of 2.5 minutes provided. It is estimated that in about six months, when the network has reached 190,000 block, there will be 1 million 250 thousand Zcash in circulation.

To learn more you can read the official post on the blog z.cash.

- Distribution of Zcash up the block 30,000 -


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