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Genesis Mining increases by 30% the power of Zcash Hashpower

Old and new customers benefiting from the power. Undermine Zcash becomes cheaper

Does not stop the Genesis Mining work and the Zcash Hashpower increases of 30%. Free for existing customers.


Credits: genesis-mining.com

A new statement of Genesis Mining, arrived a few hours ago, announces the increase of the Zcash Hashpower of 30%. I ncrease capacity in addition to upgrades made last month, bringing to + 1000% the capacity to undermine Zcash. A great news for customers who already own Zcash contracts, because for them the increase was free. An extra incentive for new customers to buy Zcash Hashpower.

The list Zcash Hashpower Genesis Mining updated

Below the new list Zcash Hashpower just updated with the new power and the prices which are substantially the same as before.

  • Starter: 1H/s = 29.9USD
  • Advanced: 10H/s = 289USD.
  • Professional: 100H/s = 2.699USD.

The prices include all, there are no fees to be paid after the purchase. The contract lasts one year from the date of subscription. Thanks to 6BEuQe promotional code, get a 3% discount when purchasing (the maximum possible). The website: www.genesis-mining.com.

Mine Zcash: mining pool or cloud mining?

The dilemma of many is whether to choose to undermine Zcash with a mining pool using the computer's CPU or GPU, or rely on a mining cloud service.

Mining pool

While it is true that mine Zcash right now is very simple and you just need a quad core CPU 1.5GHz to get about 4H/s, you should always make calculations of how much electricity we consume. Keep lit a PC for 24 hours, 7 days out of 7, with power supplies of at least 650W/h can be very expensive.

If we intend to undermine Zcash with one or more GPUs, perhaps purposely buy it, we will need a power supply 1.000-1.200W/h. With what it costs electricity... Without forgetting any hitches of the internet connection and the hardware maintenance costs. You'd better take the math first.

Cloud Mining

Genesis Mining and HashFlare, propose Zcash contracts Hashpower 12 month all inclusive. In the price list are already calculated the cost of electricity and maintenance. If a GPU is broken we will not have to shell out more money, the mining cloud service will replace the hardware at no additional cost.


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