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HashFlare opens Zcash. Started pre-orders of contracts, it start on November 21

After Genesis Mining, the Estonian company HashFlare announces pre-order of Zcash contracts at a low price with 10% discount.


Credits: hashflare.io

After Genesis minig even HashFlare is ready to undermine Zcash. The mining cloud has just kicked off the pre-orders of contracts, with prices starting at 4.20USD for 0.1H/s, with no additional fees. The official launch is scheduled for November 21, 2016. Each contract has a term of one year from the day of activation.

Zcash is the new anonymous currency which hides the transactions between people and companies in the eyes of all. Its characteristic of complete anonymity, opens up new prospects for the global business. It guarantees a 100% security for users who intend to shop on the Internet, without someone can trace them to learn about their spending habits.

Zcash currently worth more than 1 Bitcoin (1 ZEC = 1.5 BTC. Poloniex.com), opening of enticing earnings prospects.

Investment with the return of 200%

According HashFlare, invest in Hashpower Zcash makes 200% of the initial investment. Certainly no bank in the world is able to grant us such a high yield in 12 months.

The Estonian company warns that the resources available are limited and must hurry to buy them.

Zcash Hashpower cheapest of Genesis Mining

HashFlare sells 0.1H/s at the price of 4.20USD. The minimum denomination allows many to undermine Zcash without spending too much. The price, compared to the price of Genesis Mining, is lower: 0.6H/s with HashFlare cost 25.2USD against 29USD of the first mining cloud to have adopted the Equihash algorithm.

Occasion not to lose with a 10% discount

The low price is to add a discount of 10% that HashFlare practice in all types of contract for purchase until November 6th. Just use the discount code HF16HLLWN10. A great opportunity for those who plan to invest in Zcash, with the least possible expenditure of economic resources. The official website: www.hashflare.io.


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