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Hashpower X11 underselling, available on Genesis Mining

It's the right time to undermine DASH coin, Genesis Mining launches underselling of hashpower X11. Plus there's the promo code.


Credits: www.genesis-mining.com

The cloud mining service Genesis Mining, who among the first has invested in new anonymous currency Zcash, has just announced a underselling hashpower X11. The X11 algorithm is used to undermine DASH coin that despite the depreciation in recent weeks, is one of the crypto coins of higher value (1 DASH = 0.013BTC, about 8 USD).

The X11 contracts have a duration of two years and do not include operating costs, you only pay for the purchase of power and nothing else.

The new X11 packages

The following are the X11 packages for purchase on www.genesis-mining.com. it is not mandatory to choose one of three packages, once registered to the private area, you can choose the amount of X11 hashpower you want to buy.

  • Gemini 5MH/s = 30 USD
  • Ferox 100MH/s = 500 USD
  • Graviton 500MH/s = 2250 USD

Our discount code reduces the price

With a discount code, which further reduces the price, it is definitely better. Just use the promo code 6BEuQe during purchase, to get 3% discount: the maximum possible at this time.

Even Zcash is cheaper by 25%

A few days ago the G.M. engineers were able to take another step forward in the efficiency of the system dedicated to Zcash. Computer engineers have managed to improve by 25% the power of Zcash hashpower extraction. All investors have obtained, free of charge, 25% more power Zcash; new customers are the increased power in the updated list, the cost of which has remained unchanged since the beginning: more power for the same price.

Also in this case applies the discount code 6BEuQe, which can be used for combined purchases of hashpower: X11 + Zcash.


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