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HashFlare code off Litecoin mining contracts. Dash coin and Ethereum while flying!

Fly high prices Dash coin and Ethereum. Meanwhile HashFlare code decides the discount on Litecoin mining: cheaper scrypt contracts.


Credits: HashFlare.io.

The price of Dashcoin salt and becoming the third of internet currency ever, even the price of salt litecoin at 4 dollars and then HashFlare swallow prices! Discount on Litecoin mining contracts. HashFlare code further discount the scrypt contracts, leading to lower market prices. What the new prices? These:

  • Litecoin mining — Scrypt mining: 6.20 USD per 1MH/s. (Previous one 8.20 USD).
  • Dash coin mining — X11 mining: 5.80 USD per 1 MH/s. (Previous one 3.20 USD).

To take advantage of the new price on Litecoin mining and not wait for the Dash coin go up again, go to: www.hashflare.io.

HashFlare discount the Litecoin mining contracts

HashFlare decides to discount litecoin mining contracts, a cryptocoin which always remains in the top 6 of the world market (source: coinmarketcap.com). By upgrading Litecoin Core, the cryptocoin has become the fastest in the transactions and Litecoin network now allows a flow of transactions higher than before without congestion. As regards the Litecoin contracts, recalls that are indefinitely!

HashFlare and Ethereum mining

The Ethereum flies to the historical record of USD 30, now with 28 USD (Source: poloniex.com). The race to the coin again and this time is not told to stop. Great news await the Ethereum for the foreseeable future and will be interesting news. That's why it is convenient to stock up now Ethereum. On HashFlare the Ethereum mining contracts costing only $2.20 for 100KH/s.

HashFlare and Dash coin mining

HashFlare, given the high value of the Dash coin, decides to increase the 1MH/s X11 costs. Some might be put off by this price increase. We must instead look good the reality. 1 Dash is worth about 80 USD. After Bitcoin is the currency with the highest value. Indeed, it is perhaps better to grab Dash coin now and not wait any longer.


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