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Zcash Blockchain is live. It begins the era of anonymous currency

It born Zcash anonymous currency. The Blockchain Zcash is live and the first transactions were made. Watch live.


Credits: z.cash

18.30 Europe time around, the Blockchain of Zcash has begun to operate. They have started activities to undermine the new currency (learn here how you can undermine it also) and the first transactions were made.

Zcash born thanks to the study of a group formed by scientists and computer hackers, who have collaborated to create the first anonymous currency in the world. Anonymous because unlike Bitcoin, on Blockchain of Zcash you can not see the addresses and the amounts moved from one address to another. Only the owner of that address have a private key that allows him to see the address transactions.

An experiment that aims high

Zcash is a live experiment involving hundreds of people around the world. Anonymous lovers of virtual coins that are endorsing Zcash turning on your computer to add a node to the network. For the moment the wallet Zcash is only in the Linux version, his name is Zcash Sprout 1.0.0. On the official website z.cash you can download the client and read the information for installation.

Soon, they know from the team, will be made available a video guide that will explain step by step the installation process.

A demanding client for your computer

The Zcash 1.0.0 client is very demanding from a RAM memory point of view. It requires a minimum of 4GB RAM, more recommended because the software uses 4GB to generate the transaction.

Where to undermine and trading with Zcash

If you going to get the amount of Zcash, Genesis Mining still provides limited amounts of Zcash Hashpower. Available contracts from 12 months + 1 month free and 3% discount when purchased with the discount code 6BEuQeQe.


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