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Zcash. Genesis Mining announces availability of new Hashpower

Return available Zcash Hashpower resources at home Genesis Mining. Resources with an additional gift to be seized.


Credits: www.genesis-mining.com

Genesis Mining, during the last night, sent an urgent statement to launch the good news dedicated to those who want to undermine Zcash. They are available again Hashpower resources to undermine from the first moments Zcash. Who has not had time to take Zcash resources in the first phase, now it has the option to purchase the resources added in the last hectic days.

Remember that the route is scheduled at 00:00 UTC on 28 October 2016. There are therefore less than two days. If you want to be among the first to mine Zcash, then you have to buy now Hashpower resources. Resources which are not many, so you have to hurry up to do before the others.

Genesis Mining gives a month of Zcash

The second good news is about both those who have already bought Zcash hashpower that those who will buy now. For both the contract from 12 to 13 months. Put a free month available from Genesis Mining, to enable customers to become familiar with the mechanisms of the new completely anonymous digital currency.

The free month is only available to those who purchase before October 28, 2016.

How much is to mine Zcash

Prices of hashpower Zcash are shown below. Very important note, there are no running costs, so no fees to be paid later. You only pay for the resources to buy.

  • Starter Contractct: 0.6H/s = 29USD
  • Advanced Contract: 6H/s = 280USD
  • Professional Contract: 60H/s = 2600USD

With the discount code should even more

During the signing of a new contract Zcash, use the promo code, 6BEuQe, to get a 3% discount when purchasing. Remember that the discount code is valid for all purchases that you will do even later. Web site: www.genesis-mining.com.

Genesis Mining Webcast October 21 2016



Credits: www.genesis-mining.com


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