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How to get 1% of immediate interest on the Dogecoin deposit

User guide step by step, to get immediate interests on Dogecoin deposit, equal to 1% of the amount.


Until November 2016, BW.com offered the interest-bearing deposit of Dogecoin with 3.65% per annum. It was a great opportunity to gain additional and secure on Dogecoin. BW no longer offers this possibility. Where to find alternatives to continue to accrue interest on Dogecoin? In this article I'll explain how to get 1% of immediate interests on the Dogecoin deposit.

The explanation will be very short, but if you do not have time to learn now, save this article as a favorite of your browser to read it calmly. Let's start.

Where to get interest on Dogecoin

To get interest on Dogecoin, 1% instant deposit, subscribe to www.gate.io platform. Bter provides trading service and exchange of crypto currencies. When deposits Dogecoin, immediately recognizes the interests. A form of gratitude for having deposited on the platform. In addition it recognized the 1.02% of annualized interest, released daily. To sign up for gate.io follow this link and the instructions below.

Registration and storage of Dogecoin Gate.io

Go on gate.io site. Fill out the "Sign up" box and click on "Submit". Receive a confirmation email. Follow the instructions provided by the platform.

- Fill in the fields as in the example -

After inclusion, access to gate.io and click on the menu item "Bonus". You are now in the page dedicated to deposits and withdrawals. From the list find the "Dogecoin" (the third from the top). On the same line, to the right, you can find the item "Deposit". Click on the item to enter the Deposit page (see image below).

- Deposit page DOGE on gate.io -

Copy the Dogecoin address to make the transaction, or use the QR Code. The transaction takes place very quickly, after 4 confirmations the Dogecoin will be deposited. Note that once the amount deposited was added 1%. Are you done. Now you can leave Dogecoin to accrue 1.02% per annum or decide to trade (trading can result in losses for the price volatility).

Some Doge direct faucet

I suggest the following Doge direct Faucet, through which derive other Dogecoin to be deposited on Bter and from which to get 1% of the deposit.

Dogecoin direct faucet

Faucet NameQuantity
FreeDogecoin7 DOGE/hour
MoonDogecoinDOGE every 5 minutes
Dogefaucet2 DOGE (or more) every 2 hours

The article is only informative.


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