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Direct faucet Dogecoin more lucrative web

Here's a quick list of the best direct Dogecoin faucet that you find in the web, the most profitable and secure.


Credits: pixabay.com - dogecoin.com

The Dogecoin is among the digital coins that behind the sympathy of many, to have the logo of a Shiba Inu dog breed. A beautiful dog of Japanese origin, the color of coffee and milk white.

Money is very used to the very low cost of transactions, just 1 DOGE, and the high speed of the same: 1 minute. Despite its low value, in recent months still fell more, the Doge is an interesting coin with easy retrieval in the network. With the known faucet you can get high amounts of DOGE daily and weekly. Below I propose the most famous and reliable direct faucet Dogecoin. They are paying and the more you use more DOGE offer.

Direct faucet Dogecoin

Freedogecoin. Perhaps the best known of all, is the Freebitcoin twin. Every now gives a varying amount of DOGE ranging between 6 and 700,000. It works with the system of lucky numbers: the higher the greater number drawn the amount of won Dogecoin. Pay automatically every Sunday without commissions.

Moondogecoin gives DOGE every 5 minutes minimum. The system is based on loyalty, if you come back every day will be allocated a percentage of DOGE growing every time you click on 'claim'. In addition, there is a mysterious bonus variable that adds to the loyalty bonus. Pay every Saturday or Sunday.

Faucet rotator ePay

ePay is a Facuet rotator. On the site you can find many faucets Dogecoin who pay a single account to be opened for free on ePay. When you have accumulated a sum of DOGE enough, you can pick them up.

On Gate.io get 1% on the deposit

If you deposit your Dogecoin on www.gate.io, get 1% of the deposit. The 1% is instantaneous, if you deposit 1,000 DOGE get 10 DOGE immediately. The deposit is interest-bearing, recognizes the 1.01% interest on deposited Dogecoin.


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