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HashFlare wishes Merry Christmas with a promotion for a limited time

If you have decided to invest in cryptomoney, Christmas is the right time to do it on HashFlare with discounts from 17%.


Foto: hashflare.io

The well-known European HashFlare cloud mining, wishes everyone a Merry Christmas with a limited Christmas promotion. The minimum discount on hashrate available starts from 17% and applies to all types of hashpower marketed. Recall that HashFlare has hashpower SHA-256 to undermine Bitcoin, scrypt, Ethash to undermine Ethereum, Equihash to undermine the new anonymous currency Zcash, X11 to undermine DASH.

It is not necessary to insert promotional code to get the discount, contracts are already discounted at the time of purchase.

In the table below, you can find an example of practiced discount on the purchase of the various contracts available. The official site for more information is: www.hashflare.io.

Contract typeHashratePrice
Scrypt miner1MH/s$6.60
SHA-256 Miner (BTC)10GH/s$1.00
Ethash Miner (ETH)100KH/s$2.20
Equihash Miner (ZEC)0.1H/s$1.50
X11 Miner (DASH)1MH/s$3.20


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