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HashFlare vouchers permanent. Underselling Hashrate throughout 2017

2017 opens with an advertisement for miners. HashFlare keeps all hashrate underselling. A HashFlare vouchers permanent.


HashFlare has decided to start the new year 2017, confirming the low prices of the previous promotions. The HashFlare vouchers, discount codes to purchase new contracts become permanent. This new promotional campaign of the cloud mining company, which makes public a new price list with hashrate underselling for the whole year 2017. A nice gift for the miners in search of the lowest price and the maximum gain.

Bitcoin, after rising above $ 1,000, now stands at around $ 950. A high value and very rewarding. But not just Bitcoin, also suddenly litecoin gave a jolt to its price jumping to 4 USD (Source: Poloniex.com). On HashFlare you can mine both Bitcoin litecoin that, thanks to the resources of hashpower SHA-256 and scrypt available for purchase. Below you can read the new list prices underselling.

HashFlare: Hashrate underselling in 2017

Cloud miningHashratePrice
SHA-256 (Bitcoin)10GH/s$1.20
ETHASH (Ethereum)100KH/s$2.20
EQUIHASH (Zcash)0.1H/s$2.00
X11 (DASH)1MH/s$3.20

Who is HashFlare

HashFlare is a company specialized in undermining cryptocurrencies, cloud mining calls. The mining farm was born in Estonia and it is between the two companies to the world's most well-known in the industry. A real and secure society, which in the last months of 2016 has participated in various international meetings dedicated to Blockchain technology and digital coins.


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