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Where to buy lketc usb scrypt miner? Best price litecoin USB miner 220kH/s

Best price and where to buy lketc usb scrypt miner, also known as litecoin USB miner 220kH/s.


If you are looking ASIC USB miner called lketc USB scrypt miner and also known by the name of litecoin USB miner 220kH/s, but also under the name of Dragon USB miner 144K, you're in the right page.

The small miner USB connects to a standard USB 2.0 and 3.0. It looks like a pendrive on the back of which is mounted a black metal heatsink. Inside it has a 8GB memory, so in addition to using it as ASIC miner scrypt USB, you can use it to store data.

Where to buy lketc USB scrypt miner at the best price

lketc USB scrypt miner or, if you want, litecoin USB miner 220kH/s, is available from this link on Aliexpress priced at 16.20 Dollars shipping included. Shipping is traced and provides for a special guarantee on shipping: If the product does not come home the customer is refunded.

You can buy one or many more. There are several hundred lketc usb scrypt miner. If you have more than one purchase, you need a USB hub which connect the devices, otherwise burn the doors to current overload. On Aliexpress are several models of USB Hub, one of the best (they have 5 star customer rating) I present the following models:


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