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Where to buy Zcash coin anonymous cryptocurrency?

Do you want to buy Zcash coin, the anonymous cryptocurrency, but do not know where and how to do? Read this brief guide and find out.


Credits: pixabay.com - z.cash

If you're planning to invest in the new anonymous currency and want to know where to buy Zcash, you're in the right page. The new currency was born October 28, 2016, based on the algorithm Equihash, it maintains on the market to a value that is around 50USD (Source: poloniex.com). After Bitcoin unparalleled in this period touches the $1,000 value, is the currency with the highest value on the cryptocurrencies market.

To buy Zcash coin you can make trading operations on the trading platforms such Poloniex or gate.io and others. By choosing this option the order exchange can remain pending due to price fluctuation on the market.

With the moneychangers Cryptonator get $10 free

The second option, easiest and simplest, is to rely on online services identical to a traditional moneychangers. One of them, which you can go safely, is Cryptonator. With it you immediately change your Dollars, Euros or Roubles, in Zcash. In addition, using this link you will receive a $10 bonus on the purchase of Zcash (but only if you go through this link).

On Cryptonator it is not necessary to provide personal information and you can then maintain absolute anonymity. The service changes digital currencies accept various forms of payment, including bank and credit card. You have so wide possibilities to exchange Dollars (Euros or Rubles) on the site, and then change them Zcash.

Cryptonator is obviously empowered to also do the reverse process. If you wanted to change Zcash in Dollars, you can do so.

What alternatives to get Zcash?

A good alternative is to mine Zcash. To mine Zcash You can rely on a cloud mining companies. A cloud made of graphics cards are able to "extract" from Zcash network for you. HashFlare is currently the cloud mining that has hashrate Zcash available. Visited the site through this link to take advantage of the promotion.


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