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Where can I sell Bitcoin online? Alternatives

Where can I sell Bitcoin online? Here's where to exchange BTCs with Dollar or Euro and the major digital coins on the market.


Credits: pixabay.com.

You need to get rid of BTCs. I suggest some safe sites that answer your question: Where can I sell Bitcoin online? The platforms I present you have various options for:

  • selling Bitcoins in Dollars,
  • selling Bitcoins in Euros,
  • changing Bitcoins with other digital coins.

Other digital coins like: Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash to name the best.

Sell Bitcoin on Coinbase with 10 USD (8€) Bonus

Coinbase has just opened a branch office in London, is known for its high security standards (in the State of New York got the Bitlicense). Going through the link, www.coinbase.com, you will receive a welcome bonus of 10 USD (or 8 Euro) for a minimum change of 100 USD (or 93 Euros). I carry the figures in USD and Euro for convenience, but it's the equivalent in Bitcoin.

On Coinbase exchanges Bitcoin in:

  • US Dollar,
  • Euro,
  • Ethereum,
  • Litecoin.

Sell Bitcoin online on CEX

Cex.io is a European exchange and trading site based in London. Over the years, it has gained increasing reliability. It has several security certificates regarding reliability, service and security of the customer's personal data.

As far as personal information is concerned, CEX is less demanding than Coinbase. In both cases the site is also in Italian. Register at www.cex.io, click on the 'Swap' menu item, choose the currency and the amount, change Bitcoin in Euro or Ethereum.

Cex supports the following coins:

  • Euro,
  • US Dollar,
  • GBP,
  • Ruble,
  • Ethereum.

Sell and buy Bitcoin on Cryptonator

By registering on www.cryptonator.com, you have the opportunity to sell and buy Bitcoin by exchanging them with hundreds of digital coins. Best known as Augur, Ripple or the least-known ones, but at this time, they promise wide margins of earnings.


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