Ceto Beto has closed permanently

It finally closed the game Bitcoin faucet Ceto Beto. The game cryptocurrency most famous of the web went bankrupt.


Credits: Ceto Beto.

He has closed permanently Ceto Beto. The little Pokémon is sad and crying in the photo that appears on the home page. And it's all what you can find on the site. To get some more explanation must follow the topic of Bitcointalk where the owner of the platform, explains that operating costs had become too high due to the high price of Bitcoin. Basically advertising revenues, with a Bitcoin worth over 900 dollars, they sent him bankrupt. This is his explanation.

The Ceto Beto users will be paid?

Difficult to answer the question 'the Ceto Beto users will be paid?' There was no written contract between the platform and users. It was a game that gave amount of satoshi established, to perform certain actions. Some might, however, have paid a certain amount of BTC to buy upgrades and not having had time to use it ... Well, in this case it will be helpful to go onto the topic Bitcointalk (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php? topic = 1766404) to do this.

The table below is taken from the topic and has been posted by the owner of Ceto Beto. Concern, in his opinion, the data of the economic losses of Ceto Beto.

The heir of DonaldCoin

Many will remember DonaldCoin and throughout the game faucet family as Rimi and many others. Ceto Beto was the sole heir. In practice the owner of the game Family faucet Donaldcoin, decided to close them all to devote himself solely to this project, but apparently it was not enough.

It will open another one in the future? Hard to say, but everything is possible.

The alternatives

Some of the alternatives you can find in the article 'The best direct Faucet', and also in the article rotator 'AlienFaucet and the family of the faucet richer web'.


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