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Is it true that Genesis Mining is on itch.io?

We want see if it is true that Genesis Mining cloud mining is on itch.io game platform. Read more.

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On itch.io gaming online platform we find Genesis Mining. But is it true?

Can we find Genesis Mining cloud mining on itch.io?

We wrote Genesis Mining in the research field of itch.io, that's what the result was. Genesis Mining isn't there, but there are many video games dedicated to mining, such as Bitcoin Miner and the new version Bitcoin Miner Remastered.

What mean this? Means that if you want mining bitcoin on Genesis Mining website, you must go on www.genesis-mining.com and purchase some hashpower.

Let me explain to you how to do it.

Genesis Mining not on itch.io, but there's a chance!

From the menu in Genesis Mining website, choose "Upgrade Hashpower".

- Genesis Mining menu. -

On the next screen choose the amount of TH/s you need, according to what is available.

- Choice of TH/s required. -

Choose the most suitable method of payment for you and click on "Continue". We advise bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, but bank card still available.

On the next page, at the top, you can find the area where you enter the discount code. Enter it as you see in the example shown below. Then click on "Validate". Automatically you will apply the discount on the total purchases. You will see it applied the same page, just below the area of the promo code.

- Genesis Mining discount code to use -

KEEP THE PROMO CODE! Remember that the discount code you could use it also for future upgrade purchases, so keep it forever! Now forget about itch.io, and go on Genesis Mining and save money with the code.

But if you don't want some video game Genesis Mining itchio.io, are here.


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