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Feast Grain Jelsi in Assisi

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Place: Santa Maria degli Angeli
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  3. Jelsi and wheat festival in honor of St. Anne

Jelsi and wheat festival in honor of St. Anne

Every year, on July 26, the Jelsi, organize allegorical floats made of wheat to honor St. Anne who delivered them from the 1805 earthquake.

Jelsi is a tiny village in the province of Campobasso, has about 2000 inhabitants. And such a small country every year organizes a beautiful and artistic 'Feast Grain Jelsi'. The photographs relate to some of the works of art created by Jelsesi and bring on show in Santa Maria degli Angeli in provincia di Perugia, a pochi chilometri da Assisi. In the province of Perugia, a few kilometers from Assisi. Exposed in the square outside the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, known because it houses the Porziuncola.

Feast Grain Jelsi

The grain of Jelsi Festival takes place every year on July 26 in honor of St. Anne. The festival is a thanksgiving that is handed down from generation to generation since 1805, when the farmers and citizens of Jelsi were spared by a strong earthquake.

The festival attracts people from every part of Italy and the Jelsesi immigrants, find themselves in the country on this day to be reunited with their families of origin.

The town is festooned made of corn braids and floats parade through the streets of the country tradition, decorated with traditional fabrics and wheat. The Sant'Anna Dipper is obviously the main. Among the gallery you are also known a straw wagon and a beautiful wooden art work grain and straw, representing a wide open door and the Crucifix of San Damiano. The door wide open, as stated in the phrase engraved on straw parchment, recalls the invitation of St. John Paul II to open the doors to Christ in their lives. (Source: Site of the Municipality of Jelsi)