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Event photographs Napoli Smau 2016

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Place: Mostra D'oltremare
Format: 800 x 600
DPI: 300
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  2. Smau Naples stimulates Campania entrepreneurial territory

Smau Naples stimulates Campania entrepreneurial territory

An excellent opportunity for companies to renew bells in addition to innovate their business, with the help of ICT.

Napoli welcomes to Smau Napoli, the innovative event dedicated to ICT and the opportunities of possible applications in many economic areas. It was held at the Mostra D'Oltremare on 15 and 16 December, mainly involving companies of Campania Region.

Smau Napoli is an opportunity for firms in Campania, across multiple industries, to learn how to be present in the web and increase the volume of sales of its products and services.

Smau Napoli stimulates the entrepreneurial Campania and invites him to renew as well as to innovate. It is there at the disposal of all four years, just to participate.