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Barcelona of Antoni Gaudi

Parc Güell - Casa Batllo - Casa Milà - Sagrada Familia

Laie Park Guell Barcelona
Roof Casa del Guarda
Chimney Laie Park Guell
Park Guell Barcelona
Park Guell black and white
Main entrance to Park Guell
Ceramic roof of Casa del Guarda
Gaudi dragon fountain in Park Guell
Logo room hypostyle Park Guell Barcelona
The Guarda House
Roof Casa del Guarda
Rustic stone walls in Park Guell
Particular of Guarda House
Chair Antoni Gaudi House Museum
Facade Casa Batllo Barcelona
Batllo House, Passeig de Gracia
Balcony House Batllo Barcelona
Batllo house scale particularly
Central courtyard House Batllo
Window Courtyard Central House Batllo
Blue ceramic coating Courtyard Central House Batllo
Large window House Batllo Gaudi
Chandelier Plan Noble House Batllo
The door step of Noble Floor
Ceiling detail Piano Nobile Casa Batllo
Staircase Penthouse Casa Batllo
Area scale wash the Casa Batllo
Penthouse Casa Batllo
House Courtyard particular Batllo
Spine dragon defeated Casa Batllo
Cross and spine dragon St. George Casa Batllo
Facade La Pedrera Barcelona
Facade of Casa Mila Antoni Gaudi
Sagrada Familia Nativity façade
Temple Presentation Jesus Sagrada Familia
Nativity facade Sagrada Familia
Facade of the Passion Sagrada Familia
Passion Facade, Sagrada Familia entrance doors
Christ crucified Passion facade Sagrada Familia
Pilate, Passion facade Sagrada Familia
Veronica, Passion facade Sagrada Familia
Faces Passion facade Sagrada Familia
Characters of the Passion facade of the Sagrada Familia
Face Christ, Veronica, Sagrada Familia
Jesus carries the cross, Sagrada Familia
Josep Manyanet Sagrada Familia
Face Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Disciple sad Sagrada Familia
Tower detail Sagrada Familia
Outside detail Sagrada Familia
Giacomo Apostle Sagrada Familia
Eagle St. John the Apostle inside Sagrada Familia
Porta Eucharist Subirachs
Matthew internal Sagrada Familia
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  3. The architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, an unmatched legacy

The architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, an unmatched legacy

Visit the houses and the architectural works designed by Antoni Gaudi is to discover an imagined world, different from the one we live.

Antoni Gaudì was a visionary architect. His architecture has remained unmatched. No one ever, after him, he has experimented in works of the same commitment. Both in terms of design and of use of building materials. Batlló House, the Park Güell and work of the world's foremost architectural expression of the Sagrada Familia, remain in the history of humanity to witness the genius of this man. His push towards ever experienced forms before. The use of unique and forged materials tailored for his architectural works.

A painting or a sculpture he would say: "What work of great art."

Useful information

If the goal of your next trip is Barcelona, you must visit one of the great works of Antoni Gaudì. Because today's Barcelona owes much to this man. Without the works of Gaudi, Barcelona could count how many visitors?

The following are the official sites of the architectural works you've seen in the photographs.

Parco Güell:

Casa Batlló:

Casa Milà:

Sagrada Familia: