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Street Art - Massafra

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Place: Massafra
Format: 800 x 600
DPI: 300
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Amount photos: 3

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  1. Street Art
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Street art in Massafra

3 photographs to remind artistic street installation now no longer present.

This I consider a work or contemporary art installation by road, it was in Graviglione Scala in Massafra. Municipality in the province of Taranto in a strategic position for its proximity to Bari and Calabria and Basilicata.

I wrote was because today you would find no more. Renovations carried out in that portion of town, have canceled the work photographed. From the photos you can see that the work has been torn into several parts: I do not think it was a desired effect by its creator.

— The place on the map —

Survival difficult

The street art is difficult, subject to the free will of the people. A free expression of art that sometimes found space in hidden places. Other times it becomes the center of a square. The rest of the art on the street is not a recent phenomenon. Statues and monuments produced by famous or less famous artists always fill city in the world.

Finds it difficult to remain fixed in time the painterly. "Apt" to the walls to use a little correct term. Maybe one day someone will decide to detach from the walls and facades of the most significant buildings to make a museum works. Or maybe it already happened?