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Butterflies - Lepidoptera - Monte Somma

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Place: Mount Somma
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  2. The hidden wealth of Mount Somma

The hidden wealth of Mount Somma

The Podalirius and Arctia Villica two species of Lepidoptera, butterflies, visible to hikers who visit the Mount Somma.

Seen from afar Mount Somma seems a mountain like the others. A mountain during autumn turns yellow for the presence of the chestnut and little else. Instead Mount Somma, nature reserve belonging to the Vesuvius National Park, is a wealth of unique treasures. Like moths presented in these photographs.

A few simple pictures to present a specimen of Arctia Villica, visible even at low elevations. Very easy to spot because they attended the undergrowth, leaving closer fairly smoothly.

The podalirius, Iphiclides Podalirius scientific name, is a butterfly difficult to approach. The photos take up a specimen placed on top of a tree. We are on Punta Nasone, the highest mountain top, and the lepidopteran has chosen to stay at a safe distance: as the Machaon is very bashful.