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Cloud mining service articles archive

Articles about cloud mining services, with discount codes to undermine the most profitable digital coins the web. The mining cloud enable to undermine crypto coins without having to have specific technical knowledge. For this, the mining cloud, are suitable for all those who want to diversify their capital in more types of investments.

Hashpower X11 underselling, available on Genesis Mining

X11 and Zcash promotion

It's the right time to undermine DASH coin, Genesis Mining launches underselling of hashpower X11. Plus there's the promo code.

Zcash Hashpower on Genesis Mining cheaper. Preorder limited available

Zcash cryptocurrency

A few hours after the launch of Zcash Hashpower on HashFlare, cloud mining Genesis Mining responds with a cheaper price list.

HashFlare opens Zcash. Started pre-orders of contracts, it start on November 21

HashFlare mine Zcash

After Genesis Mining, the Estonian company HashFlare announces pre-order of Zcash contracts at a low price with 10% discount.

HashFlare reduces power consumption and commission to clients

Cloud Mining reduces the fees by 11% and adds a 10% discount to new contracts
HashFlare reduce fees

Thanks to a natural cooling of the data center work, HashFlare reduces power consumption and the commission to clients.

Genesis Mining announces availability of new Zcash Hashpower

1 Zcash worth 1.4Bitcoin. Meanwhile Genesis Mining has made the first payment of Zcash
Limited edition Zcash Genesis Mining

Limited edition of Zcash Hashpower for the high demand. Genesis Mining announces new pre-order and pay the first Zcash.

Zcash. Genesis Mining great success in the mining farm

All the Zcash Hashpower Genesis Mining is connected to the network and is undermining the anonymous currency
Success Zcash

A new era begins for crypto coins and Genesis Mining is part of it. The hashpower resources are related to Zcash network.

Zcash interested investors and Genesis Mining sells all Hashpower available

Zcash pre-order finished

A week from Zcash baptism, Genesis Mining Announces Sale dell'Hashpower available for pre-order. Soon new resources.

Zcash. Genesis Mining announces further doubling of power: cost unchanged

Zcash Mining

Genesis Mining works night and day to launch Zcash and announces a new hashpower doubling of power, but the price remains the same.

Zcash. Genesis Mining triples the power, the prices stay the same

Zcash mining

Genesis Mining has just announced that it had tripled the power of the GPU dedicated to Zcash. For customers the price remains the same.

Growing waiting for Zcash. Genesis Mining preorder starts to undermine

Undermine Zcash

Zcash is ready at the starting line. From October 28 it will undermine. Genesis Mining is ready with dedicated resources in preorder.

Miners: HashFlare discount code 10%. Exceptional promotion, limited time

Discount code HashFlare of 10% for any purchase on cloud mining platform
Mining voucher

HashFlare announces the Happy Smile Day a discount of 10% on all types of contracts purchased on mining cloud platform.

Discount code Genesis Mining for GH/s and TH/s purchases

Get the maximum discount possible with Genesis Mining, using the discount code 6BEuQe
Promo code

The Genesis Mining promo code always offers the maximum discount available and you can use it for all GH/s purchases.


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