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New Baikal Miner CUBE. 300MH/s to mining Dashcoin and Quark

Features of the new Baikal miner CUBE, with which mining Dashcoin, Quark and Qubit, consuming between 50W and 91W per hour.


Introduced the brand new and powerful ASIC miner Algorithm X11 and Quark, the Baikal Miner CUBE of 300MH/s mining Dashcoin. The new ASIC miner of Baikal is astonished not so much for power but for power consumption: just 75W mining Dashcoin and coins using the X11 algorithm. If you want to undermine Quark, the consumption is reduced to 50W! We see the hardware device more in detail.

Baikal Miner CUBE 300MH / s: features

The Baikal Miner CUBE by 300MH/s is the new ASIC miner of 2017 produced by Baikal. Previously the company had produced the Baikal Giant-A900 X11 ASIC Miner and the Baikal Mini X11 Miner, both available on the market.

The device, as you can see from the picture, is a small cube that occupies very little space. You can very well place it in a corner of your desk or on a mobile: hidden from a flowerpot nobody would notice it. The fan is very silent and this is a factor, not least, especially for those who want to equip themselves with more than one of these devices. These are the technical features:

  • Computational power: 300MH/s (±10%).
  • Supported algorithms: X11, X13, X14, X15, Quark, Qubit.
  • Power supply: 12V 6 Pin - 10A DC. Adapter Ø2.5*5.5 DC (not included).
  • Interface: ethernet.
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 40 °C.
  • Dimensions: 135mm(L) x 135mm(W) x 108mm(H).
  • Weight: 810g.

Table of efficiency of various algorithms

Below I summarize the efficiency table of the Baikal miner CUBE according to the algorithm used.

Energy efficiency table Baikal miner CUBE

AlgorithmHash RatePowerEnergy efficiency

Where to buy the Baikal Miner CUBE 300MH/s

The Baikal Miner CUBE 300MH/s is for sale at the price of 1608 USD on Aliexpress and at the price of 799 USD on the official website (where you can only pay for BTC, LTC and DASH). Do not ask me why this price difference, now you know where it is best to buy it.

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