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Features BW E22 GPU Miner and BW L21 Litecoin ASIC Miner

Features of the BW E22 and BW L21 GPU miners, ASIC miner Litecoin. Read Mining Comparison with Cloud Mining.


Credits: bw.com.

BW, a Chinese company known as a mining pool, introduced two new miners: BW E22 mining of Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies and BW L21 for the Litecoin mining. In the article featured the technical characteristics of the two miners.

BW E22 GPU miner

The BW E22 GPU miner is a PC with 6 graphics cards set for Ethereum mining and various digital coins. A so-called GPU-integrated miners. It expresses a power output of 140MH/s, 23MH/s for GPU, with ±10% oscillation. Here are the technical specifications as reported on the website.

  • Integrated power supply: 1600 Watt.
  • Energy consumption time: 800 - 900 Watt.
  • CPU: Intel Celeron G1840 2,8GHz.
  • Hard Disk: mini SATA 64GB high-speed.
  • Internet connectivity: 2 cards.
  • USB port: 2 ports 2.0.
  • HDMI: 1 port.
  • GPU: 6 Nvidia GTX1060 6GB graphics cards specializing in mining.
  • Graphic output: VGA on mother board.
  • Fan: 3 fans 4pin.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 10/Linux.
  • Case dimensions: 468mm x 341mm x 133mm.
  • Ethereum hash rate: 140MH/s ±10%; one GPU 23 MH/s ±10%.

- BW E22 presentation poster. -

Comparison with cloud mining

We compare the price of miners with the equivalent of a cloud mining. In the example Genesis Mining and HashFlare. For convenience I carry everything in the table below.

BW E22 compared with Genesis Mining and HashFlare

BW E22Genesis MiningHashFlare
Hash Rate140MH/s140MH/s140MH/s
Price2.230 USD3.919 USD*3.080 USD**

* The contract lasts 2 years, includes hardware maintenance and power.

** Only 1 year contract, includes maintenance and electricity costs.

BW L21 Litecoin Miner

The BW L21 is the new creation of bw.com Litecoin Miner. It has a mining power of 550MH/s and an energy consumption of only 950 Watt/h. A truly appealing device for everyone. The video below shows the ASIC scrypt in operation, the voice explains the main features of the device. Cost 2.030 USD and it takes 3 months to submit.

Technical specifications BW L21

  • Chip technology: 28nm.
  • Number of chips: 144 for units.
  • Hash rate power: 550 MH/s ±10%, (about 1,727 Watt/MH).
  • Energy consumption: 950 Watt/h ±10%.
  • Power port: DC 12V ±5%.
  • Dissipation fans: Two 12 cm fans (noisy).
  • Operating temperature: 0° - 40° C.
  • Network Interface: RJ45.

- The inside of the ASIC BW L21. -


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