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ASIC miner algorithm X11, Baikal Mini X11 Miner. Features and price

ASIC miner X11 DASH coin, only 0.26Watt/MH

Features and price ASIC miner Baikal mini X11 150MH/s, to mine DASH coin. Ultra-low power consumption device.


If you are interested in mine the algorithm X11, in this article I present the ASIC miner X11 model Baikal mini X11 Miner. The ASIC miner is BitPowerOn company. With this hardware you can mine DASH coin, Startcoin and many other cryptocurrencies that take advantage of this kind of algorithm.

Baikal Mini X11 Miner features

The Baikal Mini X11 Miner consists of an electronic card with 1.4GHz processor, capable of a power from 150MH/s. It consumes only 40Watt/h of electric current (about 0.26Watt/MH), making it a very attractive product for low energy consumption.

The ASIC miner X11 is equipped with aluminum heat sink and a dedicated fan. It has a USB port and an Ethernet port for direct connection to the Internet, has a 6pin interface for connection to the electricity grid.

As it regards the power is compatible with 12V 5A power supplies and a plug from 5.5mm external diameter and 2.5mm internal diameter. Alternatively, it is compatible with ATX power supply. The PSU Package for Baikal adapter Mini 150MH Miner X11 is compatible with the ASIC Miner X11.

Where to buy Baikal Mini X11 Miner and the price

Baikal Mini X11 Miner Device is affordable here at the best price of 452.80 US dollars, shipping included. Hardware is the redemption and protect the delivery guarantee.

Baikal is also available in the Tower version, Baikal Quadruple Mini 2.4GH/s. Or the powerful Baikal Giant-A900 by 900MH/s.


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