1. Expression Web is compatible with Windows 10?

Expression Web is compatible with Windows 10?

The Microsoft Expression Web software is compatible with Windows 10? You experience crashes? What is the life cycle of Expression Web?


Credits: Microsoft.

The WYSIWYG Microsoft Expression Web 4 is compatible with Windows 10. The software 'runs' smoothly on the new version of the Microsoft operating system. Unfortunately, the software will no longer be updated because the application is no longer for sale and has finished its life cycle support on 09/08/2015: will not be released in future updates of characteristics. Expression Web 4 for the time during the period of extended support, during which are provided only security updates. No update was released at the time and extended support will end on 09/08/2020.

There are Web Expression crash problems with Windows 10?

Some crash problems occur while using the software and can depend on several factors. The software no longer has support and is no longer monitored as is the case for the other Microsoft software. Meanwhile Windows 10 progresses to keep pace with the times, in the release of new versions can create compatibility issues with Expression Web.

The alternative to Expression Web: Visual Studio

Many have passed to Visual Studio, software that Microsoft has decided to be the sound development software for any type of computer application. How goes the slogan of the moment: "Any developer, any app, any platforms." Visual Studio Dev Essentials, the latest software configuration in order of time, can be programmed with all existing programming languages and HTML to create websites, PHP, ASP.NET etc. What's more it's free.

Who uses Expression Web at some point he will be forced to migrate to Visual Studio, where the realization of a web site has different rules and some useful tools included with Expression Web 4, there are no. This is the official website of Visual Studio: www.visualstudio.com.

A proposal for Microsoft

It should be asked Microsoft to develop a special update, the extended support period, to also release fee, which enable it to continue using the software still valuable for the development of Internet sites.


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