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Zcash interested investors and Genesis Mining sells all Hashpower available

A week from Zcash baptism, Genesis Mining Announces Sale dell'Hashpower available for pre-order. Soon new resources.


Credits: www.genesis-mining.com.

Zcash has attracted the attention of investors around the world, enticed by a new currency that promises to exceed the limits shown little anonymity with Bitcoin. On the world market only Genesis Mining cloud mining has prepared a project dedicated to the new currency. Project that involved a certain amount of graphic cards with GPU 'calibrated' algorithm Equihash. All hardware resources installed in the mining farm are sold out, the team announced in a newsletter sent out a few hours ago.

Those who wished to invest in Zcash but have not had time, they still have a hope. Genesis Mining, in the same newsletter, announced that the technicians are working tirelessly to upgrade an existing resource and add new graphics cards to the system. They do not guarantee that they will succeed to make it in time for October 28, but are constantly working to make new contracts available for pre-order.

- GPU for undermine Zcash -

It does not stop the work to improve the powerer

The Equihash algorithm requires a new approach to hardware. For this the Zcash team launched an international tender (The Zcash open source miner challenge) for developers of software that is able to make CPU and GPU compatible. Equihash fact is based on the amount of RAM and the relative speed.

Discount code to be preserved

Genesis Mining is a mining cloud that undermines many cryptocurrency, including: Bitcoin, DASH, litecoin, Peercoin, Zetacoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and others. Retains the discount code 6BEuQe awaiting new hashpower resources dedicated to Zcash, or use it for purchases hashpower dedicated to other digital currencies. The code recognizes a discount in the terms of each new contract.

- Mining farm by night -


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