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Zcash. Genesis Mining triples the power, the prices stay the same

Genesis Mining has just announced that it had tripled the power of the GPU dedicated to Zcash. For customers the price remains the same.


Photo: www.genesis-mining.com

About the new Zcash anonymous currency, Genesis Mining, mining cloud highest pass in the landscape, and only one to be ready to undermine right now Zcash, made an announcement. On October 13, the team announced that, by optimizing the GPU dedicated to Zcash, which uses the algorithm Equihash, has managed to triple the capacity. This means that those who have made purchases of Hashpower Zcash before October 12, added in the press, now find themselves with the triple of Hashpower at the same price. A substance present.

Updated list: more power for the same price

For those who still remain pending and are undecided whether to invest in the new currency, the statement of Genesis Mining provides an important stimulus. The team announced the list of the update. The prices remain the same, the amount of Hashpower tripled compared to a couple of days ago. And here are the old and new price.


Types of contractPrevious price listNew price list
Starter Contract:0.1 H/s - 29 USD0.3 H/s - 29 USD
Advanced Contract:1 H/s - 280 USD3 H/s - 280 USD
Professional Contract:10 H/s - 2600 USD30 H/s - 2600 USD


Discount code for those who want Zcash Hashpower

If you are ever more determined to buy Hashpower to undermine Zcash, when purchasing use the promo code 6BEuQe. You'll get a discount of 3% on the purchase: www.genesis-mining.com.


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