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Zcash. Genesis Mining announces further doubling of power: cost unchanged

Genesis Mining works night and day to launch Zcash and announces a new hashpower doubling of power, but the price remains the same.


More good news for those interested in new Zcash anonymous currency. Genesis Mining announces to be able to further improve its ability to undermine Zcash algorithm Equihash. For those who have already bought Zcash hashpower and for those who are about to buy, now the power has doubled since the last update on 13 October. Essentially those who bought Zcash hashpower the beginning, now it has an output 6 times higher than bought.

Working night and day in Genesis Mining

In the newsletter of October 17, Genesis Mining announces that the computer engineering team is working night and day to further enhance the power and expand the operational capabilities to the benefit of customers.

Also announced that the hardware resources allocated to undermine Zcash are running out. Soon you will no longer get hashpower to take advantage from the first moments of accumulating Zcash. I remember that the way is scheduled for October 28, 2016: there are less than eight days.

New price list Zcash Genesis Mining

And here is the latest update of the list prices for those interested in obtaining even small amounts of Zcash.

  • Starter Contractct: 0.6H/s = 29USD
  • Advanced Contract: 6H/s = 280USD
  • Professional Contract: 60H/s = 2600USD

The image below is representative of the power increase obtained by customers in little more than a week, compared with a price remained unchanged in time.

- Graph of the increase in power Zcash -

Buy Zcash hashpower with discount

Those interested in buying Zcash hashpower, they can use the discount code 6BEuQe and get 3% savings. The official site is www.genesis-mining.com


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