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Ledger Nano X: Features for Early adopter

The features of the new hardware wallet Ledger Nano X with Bluetooth. The early adopters will be able to use it with iphones and smartphones.

Credits: Ledger SAS.

At the International CES 2019 in Las Vegas the blockchain technology has also been shown to the world. The company French manufacturer of hardware wallet presented its new creation, the Ledger Nano X.

The real novelty of the new hardware wallet is the addition of Bluetooth and the broader screen of the previous Ledger Nano S.

The Nano X is as small as a pen drive, and connects to your smartphone or iPhone.

Let's see in detail the features of the new hardware wallet ledger Nano X. But, if you're dying to skip the presentations and bring you right back to pre-order, visit the official Ledger Wallet website from here.

Features Ledger Nano X

The main features of the Nano X Ledger are two: technology and the usability.

On the technology side, the new hardware wallet introduces Bluetooth connectivity by opening up to mobile use with the IPhone and smartphone. Just download the Ledger Live app and the places where you can make transactions extend out of proportion.

On the usability side, the designers of the Ledger team have eliminated the recessed display of the Nano S, creating a digital version with the buttons placed next to the display and not more than the side as in the previous version.

The display of the Nano X shows the icons of over 1,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens supported, and when you have selected the chosen Cryptomoneta, its name appears under the icons.

We can consider it a nice step forward in usability.

Size of the Nano Ledger X

The nano x is slightly smaller than the nano S: 72 mm x 18.6 mm x 11.75 mm.

But it weighs double: 34 grams.

Connections and security chips

  • Compatible with USB type C connector.
  • Integrated chips: ST33J2M0 (Security) + STM32WB55.
  • Security certification level: CC EAL5+ (the same as credit cards).


Compatible with 64-bit operating systems: Windows 8 +, Mac OS 10.8 +, Linux.

Compatible with Mobile systems: IOS 9 +, Android 5 +.

What's in the box

Besides the hardware wallet Nano X, the package contains the USB cable type-C, 3 sheets to write the password, keychain strap, instructions for use.

Video Presentation Ledger Nano X

Below is the video presentation of the ledger Nano X made available on Youtube by the company manufacturer Ledger.

If you like, there's this other video, say, a little more emotional.

Price Ledger Nano X

But how much does the Nano X Ledger?

And here's the price of the Nano X Ledger.

The Nano X Ledger costs 119 euros.

Review Ledger Nano X

Among the first reviews of the Nano X Ledger to have been published, stands out that of the website French Presse Citron (in French language) that could test the hardware wallet.

The French site assigns a total score of 9.8/10, evaluating 10 user interface and compatibility, while taking a little less value for money (9.5/10).

- The vote given to the Nano X: 9.8/10. -


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