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Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. Features, price and where to buy it

The features of Ledger Nano S, an innovative hardware wallet that does much more than it does; Which preserve Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptovalutes.


Credits: Ledgerwallet.com.

The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet to safely store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and many other digital coins. A hardware wallet is much safer than the software installed on your computer because it allows you to confirm your business transactions directly from the device buttons. The wallet is as large as a pen drive and inside it keeps your digital heritage, allowing you to make backups to be stored on other separate devices.

The company is the French Ledger, whose site is www.ledgerwallet.com. Below you find the advanced features of the product. Here you can discover Ledger Blue.

- The hardware portfolio management buttons are visible. -

Ledger Nano S hardware wallet features

Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, uses the innovative Ledger BOLOS operating system to secure cryptovalutes. Thanks to the OLED display and the buttons on the side of the case, access the wallets and confirm the transactions by working on the device eliminating the possibility that a malware can send money without you knowing it.

The hardware wallet is based on a dual processor (ST31 / STM32), while the integrity of the firmware is guaranteed by cryptographic certification. Nobody knows your private keys, Ledger does not know this information they are kept in the Secure Element.

Even if you accidentally lose your device, it will not be accessible because it's protected by a PIN code. You will be careful to back up your wallets on other devices to recover the funds.

- Valid your hardware wallet transactions safely. -

Ledger Nano S is much more than a wallet

Ledger Nano S is compatible with a variety of applications and allows authentication to Gmail, Dropbox, and other services, using certified UF2 FIDO Authentication. It also enforces compatibility with applications that use SSH and GPG.

What you find in the Ledger Nano S box

In the Ledger Nano S box you will find the following accessories:

  • USB cable.
  • Instructions.
  • Recovery Sheet. Fundamental to recover funds from backups.
  • Accessories.

How much does it cost and where to buy it?

The Ledger Nano S costs 69.60 € VAT included. You can find it on the official website: www.ledgerwallet.com.

Ledger Nano S presentation video


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